Today I woke up with a song in my head. It was a song I learned at Crestview Elementary School. The song was about each of the states of the United States of America in alphabetical order. I used to sing this song in the car to my children when they were small and they really liked it. I moved on with my day, waking up my teenager and headed downstairs to start my daily routine. I have been creating an online class about journaling and self-healing and I was getting intuitive messages about how I should arrange the content of the class. I wrote out a few pages and was satisfied with my work. I decided to brave the subzero temperatures of Minnesota and take my dog, Winnie for a walk to the fields for her daily exercise. I bundled up in layers and headed out into the morning sunshine. Winnie did her do-do, had a little run and we began to walk back home. On the way, I saw a few license plates on the cars parked outside. One plate had the letters PLM and one had PLY. Hmm, I thought to myself……what does this mean? I thought of Plymouth. I used to live in the city of Plymouth, MN in an apartment near my grandmother. I walked a bit further and there was a man in his car with the license place from the state of Massachusetts. I waved to him and he waved back. As I proceeded with my walk I yelled out loud to Winnie…..”Dixie do’s its, It’s Massachusetts”!

So today I want to talk about what Massachusetts means to me. I am Melissa. I am a mother of three, massage therapist, former wellness coach and author of a spiritual journey book titled The Angel Wears Prana, the Journey of a Healer. I am what some people call an Intuitive. What does this mean? It means I know things and I can see the reality of different levels. It is my job to give others messages.

As I walked back to the street I live on, I figured out what message I was supposed to tell you today about Massachusetts.

1. We, the people of the United States are a collective group of humans.

2. We are what is referred to as “The Masses”.

3. According to the divine laws of the Universe, we can choose our reality instead of letting our history repeat the pain of our past.

4. God has told me to give you a clue that you have been missing. The MASSES are being given a chance to change and CHOOSE IT.

Our future is going to be very different, very bright and we, as a collective group of human beings are being given a new opportunity.

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