New Normal: Post Corona Hairpocalypse

New Normal: Post Corona Hairpocalypse

We have all learned some interesting lessons since Corona break began. The question we are all asking now is “What is my new normal”? I had the wake up and shake up of my life about 9 months ago. My new normal came in full force with a spiritual awakening. Since that day I’ve been working feverishly to build my new foundation. I have been considering my old ways for a while and it was time to take things to the next level. I have worked in high end salons and spas for over 17 years. I have seen the inns and outs of the industry and I finally made a commitment.

I’m done with conventional root touch ups.

I know, its crazy right? We have all been coloring our hair, tending to the shades, coloring the grey, buying the fancy, expensive hair products all aiming for the perfect cascade of waves over our scalps. I have worked with some of the best hairstylists in this area and I can tell you…..they know their art. I have had many talented hands tending to these tresses for many years but now I am going back to nature.

I made a commitment a year ago to stop coloring my hair with chemicals. It was scary, I will not lie. I didn’t love seeing those bright silver streaks that have joined me in recent years but I am done pouring chemicals on my head, into our water supply and walking around with artificial locks.

I committed to henna.

I tried to find a local expert to help me with this, but I found none so I went solo. I began with packaged henna. That got me started. It was a unique experience. I had to mix the paste the night before and apply the next day. The first application went well, except the fact that my bathroom looked like a frog threw up.

I learned quickly that natural hair means NOT WASHING YOUR HAIR EVERYDAY. Not washing your hair everyday means you save money, time, energy and your natural shape. It was difficult. I loved my luxurious sudsy shampoo ritual with those white shiny bubbles cascading down my back. I loved the feel of thick conditioner softening my long mane. It was downright weird to back down to a simple, natural hair life.

I have refined my technique and after a year, I have found my perfect henna prescription using the purest ingredients and a personalized hair color formulation straight from the leading expert in modern day henna application. My hair is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to modern personal transformation. It is my calling to share my awakening experience so others may see a new path. Follow along and see how the journey leads you to the first commitment.

Melissa Lewis is a modern day spiritual pioneer and the author of The Angel Wears Prana, The Journey of a Healer.

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