The Dark Side of the 6 foot Rule

You have heard of the terms “vibes” and you often intuitively avoid going near people who are steaming mad, or crying uncontrollably. Did you know that those vibes are another way to describe your aura? Your aura is the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds your body. The east Indians call it prana and the Chinese call it chi.

The aura surrounds the body and extends 2-5 feet out from your physical body.

Do you want to know why the 6 foot rule was enacted during the pandemic?


They didn’t teach you this in public education, but a core need of human beings is connection to other humans. One way we get that is by being in close contact with other humans. This is why you feel better when you get together with friends and family. This is also why we hold babies and children and keep them in close contact. They literally need this kind of interaction to survive. It is also why one of the worse forms of torture in prisons is solitary confinement.

Does that make you wonder why the new rules enacted during the pandemic strictly staying 6 feet away from others? Do you think that has anything to do with the term “6 feet under”?

If humans need connection and we are all told to stay in our homes and 6 feet away from our loved ones and other humans, what could be the ulterior motive for this rule? Why would a health organization want this for its people if it is something that we need for health? Could this be part of the reason for people having higher rates of depression, suicide and other mental illnesses? How long will we, as a society be asked to continue this type of behavior? How have you been feeling now that it has been a year since you were closer than 6 feet to most people on a regular basis?