The Healer

The philosopher Schopenhauer said “pain and suffering are as necessary to man as ballast is to a ship.”

In Tibet they say “the finest sword blades are those which have been most through the fire.”

Krishnamurti; “human beings each one, right across the world go through great agonies, the more sensitive, the more alert the more observant, the greater the suffering the anxiety.”

and Shakespeare “He that dies pays all past debts.”

Each life is as a link in a chain, the links are separate but enjoined together, they are individual yet part of the whole, after each series of life lessons are learnt, we usually have a very painful life with much suffering as it were, to clear the decks before another chain of lives can begin.

It is my experience that those who have suffered the most, understand best the suffering of others, and make the best healers, it is because they recognize in others what they have been through.

This well known woman healers hand shows a lot of suffering, but also a lot of learning as pain is the best teacher.

  1. The open lines of head and life, this is unnatural, it shows a desperate need to be free and independent at an early age, one has to ask why? In Tibet it is known as the mark of the Tiger.
  2. The pyramid in this position is a rare marking which gives cover and strength and reinforces the life energies, it is often seen with those who lived in ancient Egypt, many of these people are with us again now at this particular time in our history.
  3. The heart line is short flat ragged and appears as if it has small explosions along its length, this is not a good omen for trust care and warmth in a relationship.
  4. The headline is not the usual head line for this shape of hand, in my talks to the various palmistry societies in the 60s and 70s, i named any line that is out of place as a “Cuckoo line”
  5. The little or Mercury finger divorced from its comrades and is thin and low set, it almost wants to hide behind the other fingers, tell of an unfulfilled sexuality, trusting is very hard.
  6. The almost non existent family ring round the base of the thumb tells of anxiety and fear from a cruel father and an emotionally non available mother.

We choose the lessons we need to learn before we come here, this package gave her the impetus to achieve. Here is what she says:

Cosmetology school (nails)  at 16
College at 17
Disney spa at 20
Massage school at 21
Lived abroad at 25
Married with three kids by 35
Corporate Wellness coach late 30’s
Author on Healing topics early 40’s
Wrote a spiritual journey memoir
On a mission for personal liberation and planetary peace
Healing the planet.

Here is what mystic and poet William Blake says about Tiger women,
“Tiger Tiger burning bright
In the forests of the night
what immortal hand or eye
can frame thy fearful symmetry”

The Tiger is a beautiful animal, and tiger women have an irresistible feline charisma, men against their will are drawn to them. Tiger women have very sharp claws and do not take prisoners, they thrive on change and variety, men are very visual creatures they often fall in love with visual images, not knowing who the real woman inside is.

The head line is not one I expected, it shows a down to earth, feet on the ground logical rational almost a material outlook, this is a psychologists headline not really a spiritual healer, never the less it works for her. Water is strong in her hand and for her water is a healing modality.

I deal with healers almost every week but this woman impressed me. Contact Melissa Lewis
at and Instagram @theangelwearsprana


T Stokes “Happy Palmistry”

Whole lives read from emailed hand photos.