Toilet Paper and Masks-How Do We Become Aware and Awake During Corona?



We have all been on Corona break for a significant period of time now. We have watched the world change immensely in a short period of time. Awareness and fears have been triggered. We are beginning to learn important lessons. Life will never be the same. We are all concerned about ourselves, each other and have begun spending greater amounts of energy hearing people discuss needs and meeting others’ needs. This is the beginning of us tuning into our future through empathy.

We have been given an unprecedented opportunity to change our lives for the better. The time is NOW.

This is the time for us all to realize that we have been living our lives against nature and against what is essentially human. It is not human to have a home, social or economic system that does not intrinsically benefit the people who work in the system.

Its time to get real. Its time to be honest with ourselves. We have been hiding under the terms “work” and “business” for far too long.

I’m too busy

I have to go to work

I have so much work to do

I have to do whatever is necessary to “make ends meet”

It is time to wake up. The system is not designed to make “ends meet”. When minimum wage does not provide a basic standard of living, it means “ends don’t meet”. Period.

What happens when “ends don’t meet”? Manipulation

We have been manipulating ourselves to fit into a sick society with a sick system. We wake up before our body is ready, put on nice clothes, and drink caffeine to “make” us ready to work. We drive in rush hour to jobs that society tells us we are fortunate to have. I have worked in various employment settings throughout my life and one thing that is clear is that every single person I worked with wanted to leave work early or work less. To me that means…..”work doesn’t work”.

We have endless “meetings” and “initiatives”. We praise ourselves for reaching “goals”. Our managers praise us for working harder than others and we accept this into our self esteem as “good”.

We pay mortgages that cost us so much more than our soul can afford. We believed the people who said “it’s a good thing if housing prices rise”

We pay for health insurance that does little to nothing to heal us.

We watch endless content online and on TV. We stopped living to watch a program. The program did exactly what it was designed to do……keep us from looking inside. It’s time to tune into ourselves.

We let someone tell us that a horrible “virus” is dangerous and that we need masks. We put plastic barriers up in stores to protect cashiers from customers. Did we really believe that these barriers were stopping air from moving from one person’s lungs to another? Seriously? We have money for that and not for hungry people. Let’s get real.

We have plenty of money or ways to find hidden figures through manipulative practices to build huge buildings, stadiums and malls and pretty much everything our egos want, yet we still have people that do not have homes, food or basic needs that are not met.

My last full-time job was as a salon manager. I agreed to take the job making less money than what was required to pay for my modest living situation. I agreed to lie to women that their $80 haircut was gorgeous while being required to sell them shampoo that cost over $100 per liter. Nobody needs $100/liter shampoo. My boss would hand over work that she didn’t want and when I got it done without whining or making a fuss, she felt she lost her power. My presence forced her to look at her truth.  After all, she had been in the manager position longer and had a fancier degree than I had. I stayed true to my values and it was no surprise that this job was one that did not resonate with me.

Do we all really want to live in a world where it is legally required to wear masks that do not protect us? Do you really know how an immune system works? If you did, you would know that the mask is another divide and conquer strategy.

Do we really want to go back to work that makes cents but not sense?

Do we really want to send our kids to school to learn to work in the system that we know did not serve our higher good? Why do we agree to pay extreme amount of money for “higher” education that does not lead to “higher” results?

This brings me to the toilet paper fiasco. Our toilet paper issues were symptom of what we are finally being forced to see and bring into awareness. Our toilet paper problems are symbolic of our root chakra, which is where our divine sense of safety and security lies. We have been lying to ourselves about our security. It doesn’t lie in money. It lives in love. Now we have the masks that are a symptom of our throat chakra, shutting down our freedom of expression. How might you assert your freedom and independence from this crime against humanity?

It is time to wake up. It is time to reveal yourself to yourself. Learn about the human shadow. You have one and it is stopping you from moving to the next level. The only way out is through, lightworkers.  Its time for common sense and consciousness. It’s time to learn more about what love really is and how we change the world with it.

-The Angel Wears Prana

Melissa Lewis is a Healer and Life Coach. She has been a Massage Therapist for over 20 years and has coached for a top 5 Fortune 500 company. She has overcome incredibly difficult personal situations and it is her calling to share what she has learned about spirituality for the benefit of others.

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