10 Signs You May Be a Witch and Don’t Know It

The title witch is being used a lot more in recent years and it is steeped in negativity due to many fear based ideas. The concept has earned this reputation due to the fact that witchy abilities are a form of power and people who don’t have that power and ability are afraid of it. Is it natural? Yes. It is a form of divine ability that people are born with. Many modern institutions shun it purely out of fear and that causes a person to deny its existence in themselves. Could you have these abilities and not be using your own power due to someone else’s flawed perceptions? Take a look at this list and find out for yourself.

-You see other people’s life challenges and solutions when they can’t

-You can read between the lines and know what people mean even when they don’t verbalize it

-You can spot the problem person in someone else’s life by listening to what they say in normal conversation

-You work in a care field ex) medicine, nursing, mental health, massage, yoga or the beauty industry

-People tell you things that they don’t tell others, including people closest to them

-You wonder why it takes others so long to learn things that seem obvious to you

-You have ADHD or notice ADHD like tendencies in yourself

-You can choose the perfect birthday or holiday gift for others

-You feel deeply and have a complex inner world

-You feel physically drained or overwhelmed after working all day caring for others

If several of these statements resonate with you, you likely have a lot more spiritual power and potential than society has led you to believe. This means you can activate these abilities and use them in other areas of your life like in relationships, at work and with your pets.

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