Your Tattoo is a “To Do”. The Secret Meaning of Body Art

What makes people take the plunge into getting a tattoo? Why do we feel so many strong feelings about this form of expression? Is it just a whim or something more? I got inked back in the early 90’s and I have finally reached the place where I can begin to comprehend why I did this.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was 18, in my first year of college far away from home and living my best life with about 50 other young women in a sorority. Back in those times tattoos were taboo for female college students. In the spirit of young, eager, motivated women, we had many dreams and ideas. We were full of energy and it played off of each other. I don’t know who said “let’s go get tattoos!”, but once the idea gained enough momentum, it was only a matter of time. The chattering about who would get what ensued and eventually several carloads of us headed to the shady side of town in search of our newest endeavor.

The majority of our group decided on the symbol of our organization. Personally, I went the alternative route. I toiled over the flash art and came up with my own creation. Soon, the needles began piercing the fresh skin of our sisterhood. I watched a few others go before me and then took my place on the table. My experienced tattoo artist added a few details to my design and away we went. The sensation of the needle was intense at times, but there was no way I was leaving unfinished.

Several hours and a lot of pain later we departed with gauze and bandages, thrills and excitement. We headed back to the sorority house to share the details of our adventure with the sisters at home. What I realize now, after having a major spiritual awakening is that there is no accident regarding your tattoo. The image you chose, the location and all of the juicy details are woven into the prophecy of some area of your life. The question is—Can you decipher it?

After working for 30 years in the beauty and wellness industry as a Nail Technician, Massage Therapist, Corporate Wellness Coach and Spiritual Intuitive, I can tell you that there are established maps leading to the hidden messages of your secret “to do” and a deeper meaning behind your stamp in life.

When I turned inward and did the personal growth work decades later, I discovered that the tattoo I chose was not at all random. It had a very deep spiritual meaning. I even chose to place the tattoo directly on the area of my body that was the location of my deep emotional wounding. I figured this out after I was studying the emotional map of the body when I was doing my shadow work.

There was a time, not long after I was called by the divine to begin the process of fully embodying my divinity when I felt that it was time to go to what I call “tattoo rehab”. I sensed it was time to turn the sunburst design into something larger and more metaphysical. I found an artist that could sense my vision and I ended up with a mandala design in completely different colors that required me to essentially have the entire tattoo redone. I appreciated how he kept the shape of the original tattoo and expanded it using his own creative abilities.

I later realized that, unbeknownst to me, I envisioned an image that represented my own personal, spiritual mission. The first image was red, orange and yellow, symbolic of the first three chakras of the body and the final image was purple, indicative of the crown chakra. The final design was two times larger that the original, exhibiting the concept of spiritual expansion.

Do you have tattoos that you think are just random? I challenge you to look a bit deeper and do some journeying into your sacred self to find the deeper reason that you put that permanent image on your godly vessel. You can begin by asking yourself what was happening in your life around the time you got the tattoo. Do some internet searches on the symbolism of the image you chose. Did anyone accompany you to the tattoo shop? How is that person linked to you and your spiritual path on earth? My hope is that you will begin to illuminate the deeper meanings of your self and your soul’s path by looking at something you felt compelled to keep with you for the rest of your life.