What I Wish I Knew About Tarot

Spirit has asked me to share with others the things I wish I knew when I was beginning my spiritual journey. I think back to the person I was around 2012 and look at her with the wisdom I have gained on my challenging spiritual path as I step forward into my new role as a spiritual teacher.
I was crawling my way out of a divorce with a narcissist that was trying desperately to hold me back. I felt that society was telling me “So you have chosen to be a single mom. You are getting a divorce and working. Welcome to the club. We are all out here just doing life”.

I had my dream job. I was working as a corporate wellness coach at a Fortune 500 insurance company. I was outgoing and more than happy to have a job that could lead me to independence after years of staying at home raising my children. The people I worked with were supportive and I considered them friends. I had a knowledgeable, talented female divorce attorney that was not going to put up with any shit. I happily sold my 1 karat diamond wedding ring to pay the first months rent on my new townhouse. I was receiving child support for my three young children and could afford daycare. I considered myself fortunate to be able to just barely cover my monthly expenses. I had 50/50 custody that had finally allowed me some space to have a tiny slice of life to myself for a few hours each week.

I could wake up in peace and quiet some mornings without having to rush children to eat, get dressed and get to school. I got up, made coffee and started my day with a shower, a very full schedule and a heavy dose of responsibility. I got into my car, turned the music up and drove to the office to start the day.

I think back to that woman who was living the life that was what was expected of her. I remember how she went home to a cold, dark house alone. How she sat online on social media, looked at memes and other people’s advice and believed in a higher power but didn’t really know that she had her own spiritual power or how to use it.

I ask myself “what could have changed the course and made her more insightful and aware?”
The answer…..Tarot

I wish someone would have shown me an easy way to begin to use Tarot cards to understand myself and change my perception and reality. I was already so busy in my life that I didn’t have room for another class or long Youtube videos explaining of this art form. I just needed a simple start.

Take a look at this video I made on how to start using Tarot cards in an easy, simple way to lead you into your inner spiritual journey. I hope this inspires you to make those small shifts that will make a big difference over time.