Fasting for Health and Spiritual Growth

Choosing to make your spiritual life a priority is not always the easy choice. It is not all “love and light” despite what you may have been told. Often times, choosing to the best thing for yourself is often what brings you a greater amount of discomfort or pain. One of the things I am currently doing in my spiritual life is fasting. I would like to share what I have learned about it and how I was able to put this habit into my life.

Like most Americans, I was taught to eat the SAD (standard American diet) and to eat three meals each day. This lifestyle is conditioned by society in many ways including schools, through TV advertising and often unknowingly through families. My former self thrived on routines and I always ate breakfast as a way to start my day.

During my spiritual awakening and the years that followed, I realized that often times, I was not actually hungry. I was eating out of habit, boredom or to soothe difficult emotions. I was often not even aware of what deep hunger was because fast, cheap food was so available at almost any hour of the day in America.

I was guided to begin fasting for health and spiritual growth a few years ago. When I was given this message by spirit, I was not happy about it. I felt that I had made so many diet changes and improved the quality of food I ate and I didn’t want to put more effort into feeling less satisfied. A few weeks went by and I continued feeling terrible when I woke up in the morning so I started to do some research. None of the articles I read told me what I really needed to know.

Here is what I learned

Fasting is a very effective way to allow your body to heal. If you are not eating and digesting, your body can devote its energy and resources to healing. There is stored energy in your body that be used to fuel you for the day, your body just needs to be given the opportunity to draw upon those resources.
Fasting is a way of increasing self-discipline. Making a conscious choice to do something uncomfortable is a way to become more spiritually mature. This maturity will serve you in many areas of your life.
Fasting allows you to feel more deeply. If you take the time to feel more and listen to your intuition during the time you fast, you will find out a lot more about yourself, your emotions and your motivations for many of the things you are doing in your life. You will discover ways to solve issues and challenges in your life that you didn’t realize before.

Although this is an unpopular truth, most Americans are over eating. This over consumption is part of the reason we are having difficulty in many areas of our lives including issues with our health, finances and pollution. With regards to food, over consuming causes to food being shipped all over the world so we can satisfy our egoic wants instead of fueling with what our body actually needs. There is also the issue of commercial food waste. It is easy to research this topic to find statistics on how much food is wasted on a daily basis.

I decided, due to pain, that I would try intermittent fasting. There is an incredible amount of information online available on this topic and I encourage you to do your own research and use your intuition to find your personal motivation and methods when fasting.

I started by skipping breakfast and allowing myself to drink water and herbal teas for the first few hours of the day. I also made sure that I finished my last meal earlier that evening. I ended up consuming my daily nutrition within an eight hour period. Honestly, it took less than two weeks for my body to adjust to this new schedule. I was careful and mindful to eat very high quality, nutrient dense foods and take high quality vitamins and or herbal supplements while on this schedule.
Fasting is not an every day, all of the time activity, it should be used consciously as part of a wellness strategy.

My hope is that this perspective will help others who are looking for ways to improve their health, heal from disease, use fewer prescription and over the counter medications, increase energy and gain personal spiritual power.