Beyond the Vet-How We Found Healing Outside the Box

I rescued my dog Winnie in 2019. I was guided by spirit and at the time I thought I was adopting her for my children. The truth, whichI realized later, is that I adopted my new best friend. She is the first dog I have ever owned and I had no idea what I was doing but I raised three kids so I knew I could figure out dog life. In the beginning, I did what most owners do, I followed the rules set out in her adoption paperwork and when we had issues, I followed the vet’s advice.

Fast forward three years. I’ve spent money on at least three vet appointments that gave me advice that didn’t work or were not in my dog’s best interest. I have learned that my dog has a very strong attachment and imprint on me. I am her one and only. She looks to me for everything and I am very attuned to her needs. We recently moved across the country and that entailed having our beloved Winnie in the car and hotels with us. The stress took a toll on her. She wasn’t getting the exercise she needed and was stuck sitting all day. I felt for her.

Winnie has recently developed a sore paw and a limp. She was also throwing up bile. I took her to a new vet for acupuncture. The first thing the vet said after the examination was “her muscles are very tight” and suggested pain medications and an x-ray.

I admit I am not a vet, but I am the beloved owner of this dog as well as a human massage therapist. I chose this specific vet because I was seeking alternative care. The first question that popped into my mind is:


Why is the vet suggesting an x-ray for a muscular issue?


If my dog had a broken bone, surely it would be more obvious. She would be in severe pain or not able to walk.

I decided that I was tired of paying for office visits that did not give me answers or results. I felt it was time to think outside the box and look for a healthcare provider that could tell me more. I found an animal intuitive in a local natural health publication. I made an appointment and had a shorter wait time than at the vet’s office. I received helpful, detailed advice the same day that provided results in 24 hours as well as a detailed action plan. The intuitive I hired is also an energy healer and sent Winnie the appropriate energy she needed. She even notified me of the exact muscle that was strained in Winnie’s back causing her leg issue.

What was the advice that the intuitive gave that the vet didn’t?

  1. Put your dog on a 24 hour fast for the stomach issues
  2. Feed a recovery diet of turkey and butternut squash for 2-7 days
  3. Add canine digestive probiotics to her meal one time per day
  4. Give a natural canine formulated aches and pain relief supplement as needed
  5. Make an appointment with a canine chiropractor


Winnie slept noticeably deeper and more peacefully the first night. She was feeling much better after one day of fasting and one day of the recovery diet. She had her first appointment with a chiropractor that same week. I found a wonderful dog and horse chiropractor who makes home visits so I didn’t have to hassle with the whole vet office ordeal that has left me feeling stranded and unempowered several times before. I could tell just from watching the adjustment how much the chiropractor loves animals and wants true healing for her patients.

Winnie’s limp is now healing. She has another chiropractic appointment scheduled. It is common knowledge among natural health care practitioners that multiple appointments and nutritional adjustments need to be made to support the body in healing versus prescribing anti-inflammatory medications that mask symptoms and do not support natural healing. I feel much more supported as a dog owner and I feel that this solution is the right path for us. My best friend deserves the best care. I love you, Winnie. Thank you for all you have done for our family.


Melissa Lewis

The Angel Wears Prana