What is Projection and How is it Hurting Your Life?

The concept of projection was first coined in 1895 by Sigmund Freud. Projection is used by a person to avoid confronting his or her own feelings. It is also a subconscious technique your mind uses to protect you from the fear of something you don’t know or understand. People naturally do this to defend their egos.

For example, a male co-worker who is jealous of his much more intelligent female co-worker may start thinking and talking about a female employees personal or sexual life as a means to make himself feel better because deep down inside, he sees that she is of higher intelligence and wiser than himself.

In another case, a young mother who is new to motherhood may “get stuck” on all of the advice that is being given to her in her first year with her new baby. She is venerable due to a first pregnancy and the hormonal roller coaster of the birthing and breastfeeding process.

How can you become aware of projection in your life? It is actually quite simple. Pay attention to any negative thoughts you may have about ANYONE around you. Start to ask yourself why you have these thoughts and why you feel the need to vent or “let out” these statements.

The next step is the most important part. You need to begin to come to terms with the deeper parts of yourself that you need to know and love more. Begin journaling. Be honest, yet compassionate with yourself for taking the time and effort to give yourself the gift of working on yourself and your projections. You will likely hear the triggering comment again during the process of feeling and doing the self-work. Keep working on it until it fades into the background of your psyche.

Once you have begun to dig into this concept, you can try this unique technique. Pretend you are wearing a protective barrier surrounding your head. Think of yourself behind the barrier as “you” and anything negative anyone says about you “them”. Begin to strengthen yourself in a way that does not allow another persons’ dirty thoughts or words to penetrate your field. Once you become proficient, you will know that the other person is simply projecting his or her own garbage onto you and that you don’t have to let it enter your awareness. Eventually, the comments will fade and you will not hear people speaking to you in this way. Remember, you MUST take the responsibility to do your inner work for the effect of this technique to materialize into your reality.

There is a lot going on in the world today and being a human is actually very difficult in these modern times. It is our own personal responsibility to take ownership of the thoughts, words and actions we put out on a daily basis. Try this technique out and let me know how it works for you. I’d love to hear about your experience at info@theangelwearsprana.com.